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​Spring, 2015

The idea was to create a twist in the commonplace creation story: and what better way than through the lens of the gaming industry? Skyrim clips meet “reality” as the resulting story is a montage of both artistic and other worldly creation – The world wasn’t created for man; man created the world.  






The Versatillion :
Winner of the "First in Future" Contest
May, 2017
NC State University's Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) asked North Carolinians to design what a "Superhero of the Future" might look like; so dubbed "The Versatillion" by IEI Director Leslie Boney. 
Shown left is an excerpt from my winning proposal for "The Versatillion". Or, you can view it by visiting the website.

Created with: Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.


There is nothing more versatile than a stick figure.


I believe [my entry] encapsulates every North Carolinian who would like to contribute their civic ideas and have a seat at the table for discussion.

It represents adaptability, understanding, collectivity, and a commonality that we all share in striving for a more compassionate and knowledgeable society. A stick figure has gender neutrality as well; a stick figure can be whomever you want – even you.

Nobody needs X-ray vision or the power of flight to make a change. Nor a fancy logo or drawing to make them feel like they’re appreciated or “enough”.

Everyone can draw a stick figure. 

Everyone can collaborate in their local communities with IEI. “


Featured in:

• "New Media Student Exhibition" : New Media Arts Council, 2015

• "New Media Student Project Showcase" : UNCA Arts Fest, 2015

• "Downtown Digital: A New Media Arts Showcase"
   Asheville Downtown 
Association, 2015 

•  "New Media Student Exhibition" : New Media Arts Council, 2015


Created with: Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. 

​Spring, 2015
The idea was to create a mini animation based on the characteristic of one word - drip. Every part of this work is created with a letter from "drip" (the water droplets are actually arched i's). I wanted this to be reminiscent of Pixar's "Luxo Jr.". 
Featured in:
• "STEP INT O THE GLITC H +" : UNCA New Media Exhibition, 2015
• "New Media Student Project Showcase" : UNCA Arts Fest, 2015

Created with: Adobe After Effects. 

Spring, 2014
The assignment was "Magic" and I had to use a very short, specific portion of the song, "Hocus Pocus". Naturally I went with magicians, rabbits, and magic tricks, right? 

Created with: Final Cut Pro and "Magic: The Gathering" trading cards. 

Magic Anchor
Comic Character Fashion Show
Fall, 2013
As an avid comic book fan and costume enthusiast, I wanted to put my design skills to the test in reimagining conventional comic book characters. All the characters on display are male in the comic books: Captain America, Red Hood, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). I created this show to inspire future costume designs for myself - and I actually did bring my female version of Captain America to life! 

Created with: iMovie and Adobe Illustrator. DC Comics owns Green Lantern and Red Hood. Marvel Comics owns Captain America. All rights go to their respective owners. 

Fashion body templates were provided. 

Just a sample of my work. To see more >>
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