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Laundrobot Mishap
Fall, 2015

The goal behind this piece was to create a wonderfully new and better world, a truly inspiring future where we could finally do away with that most dreadful, mundane task known to man- doing the laundry. Introducing a future where robot companions do all of our housework, "Laundrobot Mishap" is the working title for a commercial geared toward our new domestic friends - the Laundrobots. 2D theory meets 3D animation as our heroes will need nothing short of pure science fiction to get out of this sticky situation.






Batter Up
Fall, 2015

A study on the animation principles of overlap and follow-through. The poor guy just wants to play a game of baseball - but one thing keeps getting in his way.

Created with: Autodesk Maya.
Rig and Bat were provided. 





Just a sample of my work. To see more >>
Laundrobot Anchor
Lecture: 101
Spring, 2015

If you don't know what Cartesian Dualism is, you should watch this stop motion animation.





Spring, 2016

From the folks who brought you the Laundrobots, is Leafer - a product of an unconventional inventor. Part grinder, part leaf "sucker", Leaf Eater and Fertilizer is everything you need for the autumnal season. He's part of an army of bugs combined with exceptionally large common objects that will clean your house and yard in the blink of an eye.





Leafer Anchor
Do You Hear That?
Spring, 2014

Inspired by the hit series, "Teen Titans", is a first attempt at 3D animation. As a long time comic book fan, it was a dream of mine to 3D model and design the iconic
"T-Tower". And although my skill level has much improved, I hope you enjoy the surprise ending and pizza as much as I did.





Featured in:

• "National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)"
   UNC Asheville, Spring 2016

Created with: Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. Logo rights reserved to

Featured in:
• New Media Arts Council Film Festival : UNC Asheville Arts Fest, Spring 2017

Created with: Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Photoshop.
COPYRIGHT 2016 - please contact me for commercial use.

Featured in:

• "STEP INT O THE GLITC H +" : UNCA New Media Exhibition, 2015

• "New Media Student Project Showcase" : UNCA Arts Fest, 2015

Created with: Autodesk Maya & Final Cut Pro.

Rig was provided.

Awarded "Honorable Mention" in:

• "New Media 14th Annual Juried Student Show"
  UNCA New Media Department, Fall 2015

Created with: Adobe After Effects & Canon DSLR camera.

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