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Priscilla's Pink Adventure
​Spring, 2013

Meet Priscilla, a sassy and ambitious seven-year-old girl. Her adventure begins when she leaves home in search of something pink in her life. On her journey, she finds there are many different promises of pink that fall short of her goal. Priscilla was conceived when I was searching for a new goal - the pink - in my own life. After much hard work, her story was published in April of 2013, and with it my resolution to become a cartoonist. To the left are scanned illustrations of "Priscilla's Pink Adventure" using Copic Marker and watercolor.



The Adventure Series was created as a way to nurture the natural curiosity and ambition every child has when they say “When I grow up, I want to be President!” or “I want to be a doctor or teacher”. As I’ve grown, I’ve seen these same children give up on their dreams, so I created this book series to remind us that we all have a purpose in life - child and adult alike. My inspiration was drawn from Crockett Johnson’s Harold and the Purple Crayon, because like Harold, I believe Priscilla sees the world in a special way: pink represents her goal in life, so pink is what she is after. I was sixteen when I first started work on Priscilla, and eighteen when she was published.
Lionel's Lion Adventure

“Lionel’s Lion Adventure” is intended to be the next book in the series. Although his story is on pause for the moment (on account of college) I want his book to be more than just a rehashed version of Priscilla’s. Lionel (Leo for short) goes to the zoo with his parents one day to look for the lion exhibit. But since he’s a few years younger than Priscilla – approximately four years-old, he hasn’t learned to read yet and mistakes every four letter sign for the word “lion”. To the left is his cameo in “Priscilla’s Pink Adventure” when Priscilla visits the zoo. 


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